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Playlist #9 : 5 canciones para huir de la ciudad

Por Andrés Peña | 13-11-16

Porque vivir en la ciudad tiene cosas buenas y cosas malas, a veces hay que arrancar.

Julia Holter – Sea Calls Me Home

I don’t need no one to follow, feathers full
Get up early just to charm unwaking souls
When the sea called me
When the sea called me home

Bibio – Town & Country

You’re tired of working in the city
You fight for life
and that ain’t joking
or exaggerating


Your dream is somewhere in the country
You crave the air
and all the flowers
that are free to gather there

Destroyer – Times Square

Judy’s beside herself
Jack’s in a state of desolation
The writing on the wall wasn’t writing at all
Just forces of nature in love with a radio station
You can follow a road to the ocean
Times Square

La Sera – Kiss This Town Away

I know it’s hard watching the cars, drive by and take your friends away
They’re going far, you’re at the bar, it’s time to kiss this place away
Climb the stairwell, watch the nightfall, see the window, let it all fall down

Kero Kero Bonito – Let’s Go To The Forest

Hey, let’s all go into the forest
Nobody will notice for a while
There we can visit all the creatures,

Maybe they can teach us facts of life
Or we can travel to the ocean
Don’t forget your lotion, It’s quite hot
I once met seven lovely crabs
They said I should go back and join them for tea

Oh wait, the forest got demolished
When they built the airport years ago
But we can still go see the ocean
‘Cause they put it in a bowl at the mall

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